Beginner’s guide to nail care | Nail care routine at home

Having beautiful nails is one of the goals for women.

We usually love to grow long nails and paint with our favourite color. The most hurting thing about the nails is breakage. I know how it feels. Broken nails feel like a broken heart. Am I right?

To avoid nail breakage we need to take proper care of them. So proper nail care is essential for healthy nails. In this post, I’m gonna share some of the nail care guides for beginners.

1) Keep fingernails dry and clean

When your nails are in contact with water for prolonged periods, It leads to nail breakage. The major enemy for nails is water. It will allow bacterial growth and of course it contributes to split fingernails.

So, dry your nails with cotton cloth. While washing or cleaning something, wear cotton lined rubber gloves for keeping nails safe from harsh chemicals.

2) Stop Nail biting

Biting nails while anxious doesn’t help you to avoid anxiety. Biting nails also does not help for better growth. So what’s the point of biting nails?

There is nothing. So avoid biting them. It basically hurts your nails by damaging them. The contact with saliva makes them weak and brittle. It also harms your cuticles. So If you’re the one who loves to bite nails, please stop doing it.

3) Moisturize your nails

Like moisturizing your face, you need to moisturize your fingernails too. It helps you to keep your nails healthy. Apply any moisturizing oil, lotions or creams after drying them.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from pexels

4) Trim regularly

I don’t need to say the importance of trimming nails. We have all been used to this habit since our childhood. So use nail cutters every few weeks and shape them as you like.

5) Tame your cuticles

Cuticles are a very delicate part and it can easily get ruptured. It is one of the most important steps of nail care. So moisturize your cuticles whenever needed.

6) Stop scraping

Another worst thing to do is scraping the nail polish. By scraping them, your nail’s surface becomes rough and patchy.

When you scrape your nail, it eventually strips off your nail’s top layer. So don’t do them. Instead, you can use good nail polish remover tissues.

7) Apply base coat

If you’re about to apply nail polish, start with a base coat. Some chemicals in your nail paints affect the natural color of the nail which is Pinkish white. So applying a base coat will help. It prevents your nails from getting stained or discoloured.

PC : Unsplash

8) Avoid using gel and acrylics

It may help your nails to look more beautiful and attractive. But do you know their harmful effects??

It actually causes more damage to your nails. It has many chemicals which eventually roughens the nail. So avoid using gels and acrylics as much as possible.

9) File nails

Here is another important nail care routine. Always file your nails in a single direction.

It helps you to achieve smoother edges and you can shape your nails easily. If you don’t file your nails in one direction, It’ll become hard to shape your nails.

10) Avoid harsh chemicals

There are some chemicals in the nail polish which are bad for your nails. They are paraben, sulfate and acetone. They make your nails yellow and make it look unhealthy. Also acetone is not eco friendly. So choose good nail polish.

11) Eat healthy

To achieve healthy skin, the best way is eating a healthy diet. Try to include Vitamin D, Vitamin E, milk, soy, avocado, broccoli, cheese, beans, blueberries etc for healthy nails.

By keeping fingernails dry and moisturizing daily one can maintain healthy nails by avoiding harsh chemicals, gels and acrylics. Don’t forget to include healthy food to grow your nails. Massage your nails frequently using oil. By following these tips one can definitely achieve healthy nails goal.

What is your current nail care routine? Comment below. Thanks for reading!!


  1. henhouselady says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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    1. Nivithasri says:

      I’m glad it helped you.🥰 Thanks for reading

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    1. Nivithasri says:

      Thank you sowmya❤️

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  2. headphonesthoughts says:

    These are great tips. Currently I am a beginner right now in nail care. These tips are very helpful

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    1. Nivithasri says:

      I’m happy to hear this. 💖 Thanks for reading

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  3. Sep says:

    heheheh I am absolutely krayzee about my nails. I totally agree with the base coat point, my nails are so sensitive, I can’t live without a base and a top coat. Literally

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    1. Nivithasri says:

      That’s a good practice. Thanks for reading!! 🤗


  4. I only have to cut my nails on time.😂

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    1. Nivithasri says:

      😁 Thanks for reading

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