The forty rules of love | Shams of tabrizi 40 rules

The forty rules of love is a novel written by Elif shafak. I read this novel last month and this novel become one of my most favourite. This novel contains two parellel stories. The story of Ella who is working for a literary agency and given a book called ‘Sweet blasphemy’ written by Aziz Zahara.Continue reading “The forty rules of love | Shams of tabrizi 40 rules”



Every Night we sleep with the hope of New beginning. The Sun departs the sky in the hope that moon brings light to the dark. Every Seeds sprout with the hope to become a magnificient tree. Every egg hatches in the hope of new life. Hope is not just a word, It holds millions ofContinue reading “Hope”

The Voice of Water

I’m formless, Colourless, Odourless, Tasteless and Transparent. I can transform into any states of matter. Without me, Everylife would suffer. Single drop of me can thrive the withered plant. Being the elixir of life I’m quenching the thirst of million life. Now I’m fading gradually. Battling to survive. Waiting for someone to save me!

A letter to Mr. Acne

Dear Acne,I had seen you in other’s face,but never thought You’re gonna settle permanentlyOn my rosy cheeks.When you visited me first time,I thought you’re going tovanish soon.Unfortunately, you fell in love with me.I’m clueless about what made you besotted.Knowing that I’m the love of your life,I tried to love you back.But, it hurts when peopleContinue reading “A letter to Mr. Acne”