10 Things I can’t live without

Everyone has something that one cannot live without. In this post, you are going to read about 10 things I can’t live without. So read this and have one. Don’t forget to comment your things that you can’t live without.

Easy methods to identify your skin type

Before buying any skin care and makeup products, there is one thing to do. Can you guess what is that? To know about your skin type. But people have some difficulty in identifying their skin type. This post will definitely help you to know and find your skin type.


Every Night we sleep with the hope of New beginning. The Sun departs the sky in the hope that moon brings light to the dark. Every Seeds sprout with the hope to become a magnificient tree. Every egg hatches in the hope of new life. Hope is not just a word, It holds millions ofContinue reading “Hope”

2020 Wrap Up

Just one more day to go! A sweet ending to a new beginning I still remember last New year’s eve that I began delightfully with numerous hope. Upto February everything was normal. I was busy with my college schedule. In the middle of march, Government announced complete lockdown. So everyone ended up staying home. ThatContinue reading “2020 Wrap Up”

November Wrap up

Hello my dear lovelies! We are in the last day of November 2020. It’s been a good month for me. I hope it’s good for you all too! Mostly I stayed motivated but somedays I failed to maintain it. But I feel happy that I was doing better than the previous month. Highlight of thisContinue reading “November Wrap up”