Why We hate social media? : Collaboration with Pavithra

Hey, lovelies!! I’m back after a long time. Pavithra from Small Talks and I decided to collaborate on answering each other’s questions on the topic ‘Why we hate Social media? This interesting topic was suggested by Pavithra and the credits goes to her.

I’m glad to answer Pavithra’s excellent questions. Also make sure to read Pavithra’s answers for the questions I asked. Without further delay, let’s move on to Q&A.

1) Can you tell me your personal reasons why you hate using social medias?

Yeah sure!! Eventhough, Social media has lot of advantages, still few things makes me hurt social media. So, the first thing that i hate social media is because of comparison. It’s so common and I believe everyone had faced this.

To be honest, I used to compare my life with others. I used to worry about everything that I don’t have. I even cried few times thinking about things that I can’t have. I thought that the way others live is the perfect one and I don’t have a perfect life. But gradually, I changed my thoughts. I started appreciating what I have and now I stopped comparing myself with others.

Generally, Social media makes us to compare others life with us. This little comparison will poison your heart with self low esteem and It will feel like we don’t deserve to be happy etc. So, it’s one of the reason why i hate social media.

The other things are negativity and Bullying. It may starts as fun but it ends so bad. Because of Social media many people turned into a Supreme court Judge without any degrees and Experiences.

2) How people react to you when you say ‘I don’t like using Social media’. Did you face any humiliation because of it?

First of all, they don’t even believe that I don’t like using social media much. They usually say like, “Oh! Don’t lie to me, you are using social media 24*7”. I’m sick of listening to these dialogue. I used to be more active on Social media few years back.

I had bunch of friends where we used to share memes and tagged and comment on each others post. It was fun. But everything changed. I stopped using social media much and I still have 7 to 8 unopened messages.

If one of my friends reading this, I wanna tell you that now I’m only using social media for networking and promoting my blog. So believe me guys, I don’t like using social media much and I’m using it only for my professional growth.

3) Social medias are great, incredibly useful but it also has serious disadvantages. Have you noticed your friends getting obsessed or affected by using Social media. What do you think about the impact it have on them?

I have noticed some changes in some of my friends especially after they started using Social media. They act like a whole new person and it looks so weird. Sometimes they even avoid friends and start being obsessed with social media trends.

Another thing I’ve seen is one of my classmates acts like a celebrity in social media. She often posts like fan requested selfies. It feels so weird. But in real life, she is exact opposite of how she portrays her on social media.

4) Can you point out which Social media has the most negative impact on people?

I think It’s Instagram. It influences people much. It makes us to compare their lifestyle with others and it may affect our mental health. I don’t know much about other social media platform but sometimes I feel like IG is toxic.

5) What do you think about Cyberbullying? Have you seen any incident or experienced to Cyberbullying while on social media?

Thankfully I haven’t experienced any Cyberbullying. Only I have real life experiences. But I have seen many people bullied online for expressing their views and people are imposing their views on others. If you see any common social media platform, you can see definitely see atleast one fights. Mostly celebrities are attacked more these days cruely. Cyberbullying is a crime and If you ever Experience any kind of bullying, report it immediately. No one should be bullied for being themselves and expressing their views.

Eventhough Social media has plenty of benefits, the above said things makes us hate social media. But using it right, you will never regret in your life. You can use social media for personal and professional growth.

Hope you enjoyed reading my answers. Thank you Pavithra for collaborating with me. I’m glad to do my first Collab with you. Thanks for reading!! Have a great day.


  1. Pavithra says:

    Thanks for this collab nivi. I feel relieved to see how much our answers are so similar. I’m not alone then.
    I can also relate to the part where you said about comparison. Luckily I realized how useless it is and how my life is precious but still there are many of my friends out there who gets jealous by seeing others insta stories.
    Posting ‘fan requested selfies?’.. Uggh, it sure does feel weird.
    Loved reading all your answers.
    Thanks for having me in once again

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nivithasri says:

      Thank you so much, Pavithra. It’s great to share each others experiences here. Hope we’ll do more collabs like this in future. 🤗


  2. Kishor Kumar R says:

    Nice post

    Liked by 2 people

  3. c says:

    You’re courageous for speaking up. I also went through a period where I deleted all of my social media accounts, which proved to be really beneficial. Based on your responses, I suppose my suggestion is to quit caring what other people think of you or what they have to say about how you use social media or whether you use it at all, and to live your life as you like.
    It’s difficult to stop comparing yourself to other people you see online, but it’s not impossible. I recommend only following accounts that make you happy or make you feel good about yourself. I agree that using social media to promote your blog is a smart option. I recently returned to Instagram after a long hiatus, and the way I use it now is so much better than before.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nivithasri says:

      Only Following accounts that make you feel good is really great option. Thank you for your advice, Carla. 🥰💙

      Liked by 1 person

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