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I am Nivithasri – the creator of fairyhacks hailing from India. Fairyhacks is a blog dedicated to one who are looking to find a perfect blog to read about beauty, health, and food recipes.

A warm welcome!

What can you expect from fairy hacks?

fairyhacks is specially designed for the one who adores to care their skin; who is conscious about health both physically and mentally; who is fond of cooking.

Beauty :

Beauty is the thing which everyone seeks. Mostly people like to keep them adorable both personally and professionally.

Everyone seeks advise from experts to make them beautiful.

I’m to help you with my beauty advises.


Health :

Health is the most important one to survive. Proper diet and exercises improves your overall health.

Health tips by fairyhacks

I’m here to help you with my secret health tips.

Benefits of strawberries poster
You should experience benefits of strawberries atleast once in your lifetime and here’s why. Read this.

Food recipes :

If you love to cook, you always want to try different recipes.

food recipes

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