A letter to Mr. Acne

Dear Acne,I had seen you in other's face,but never thought You're gonna settle permanentlyOn my rosy cheeks.When you visited me first time,I thought you're going tovanish soon.Unfortunately, you fell in love with me.I'm clueless about what made you besotted.Knowing that I'm the love of your life,I tried to love you back.But, it hurts when people … Continue reading A letter to Mr. Acne

Ideal Inspiration and Sunshine blogger award

Hello friends. I hope you all doing great! I have been nominated for Ideal Inspiration award and Sunshine blogger award. Ideal Inspiration award Thank you MimiCares for nominating me. I am extremely sorry for posting this so late. MimiCares is a brand aimed at sharing Ideas, lessons, thoughts and experiences about life. Visit here amazing … Continue reading Ideal Inspiration and Sunshine blogger award

Liebster Award

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing great. It's been two months since I started blogging. I have been nominated for the Liebster award for the first time. I wanna thank Ranjini Madhavan for nominating me. Kindly visit Ranjus travel blog where she posted about many amazing temples. Ranjus travel blog: HTTP://httpranjustraveldiaries.travel.blog Rules:-1. Thank the Blogger … Continue reading Liebster Award


Voila! Reached my first milestone. I wanna thank everyone who supported and encouraged me. I just started my blog with little knowledge about blogging. But now I reached 103 followers. Without you, this is not possible. Thank you and love you all.😍 Let Angels light your way with grace and have a beautiful, awesome day! … Continue reading 100 Followers